Viridian Reactor 5 Laser Sights Sig P238/938

Viridian Releases Its Reactor 5 Laser Sights For the Sig P238/938

Featuring Instant-On Enhanced Combat Readiness activation, Viridian's Reactor 5 Green and Elite Red laser sights are now available for the Sig P238/938.

Viridian Green Laser Sights has brought its Reactor series to a number of high-quality firearms, including the Glock 42, Springfield’s XD-S and more.

Now, Viridian has added the Sig P238/938 to its arsenal.

The Reactor 5 Green laser sight and Reactor 5 Red laser sight are both now available for the Sig P238/938.

The all-conditions visible Viridian Green and the super bright Viridian Elite Red laser sighting systems both feature Instant-On Enhanced Combat Readiness activation, and an ECR enabled hybrid holster.

Viridian ensures that its Reactor 5 system wastes no time fumbling with buttons in critical situations. “When you draw, it’s on.”

The Reactor 5 Green laser sight retails for $239 while the red laser sight retails for $149.

For more information on the Sig P238/938 Reactor 5 laser sight and other products from Viridian, please visit

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