VIRIDIAN’s X5L Laser/Light

The new X5L provides an extremely bright green laser coupled…


The new X5L provides an extremely bright green laser coupled with a brilliant and efficient LED. Remarkably compact, it is built to fit Universal, Weaver, and Picatinny railed guns, and features patent pending SMARTLASER technology. For more information, visit

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  • Kevin V

    How much does this laser
    sell for?

  • Offficer Dash

    –>I WANT one of these!<–

    Specifically for a new Glock 35 but Viridian claims these are not model specific.

    If you know otherwise from experience I’d sure like to know.

    If anyone knows of a seller who can beat $259 including tax & shipping to zip 66215 right in the middle of the good ol USA, please contact me.

    No C5L inquiries Please?

    No Model GLK inquiries either….but I do have 1) of that model to $ell, or trade.

    Along with a 1st generation Glock 19, 2) 15 rd. mags, NRA 95%….all accessories & the original 1987 box, manual, cleaning tool, et all.

    Individual to individual USA citizen over 21….with proof no other ?s asked.