WEAVER Picatinny Rail Mount & Quad Rail

  Weaver highlighted their newest tactical products at the NRA…


Weaver highlighted their newest tactical products at the NRA show. For a company that has traditionally kept to the hunting market, they are making a strong entry into the tactical world. At this show, they showed a new Picatinny rail optics mount displayed on an M4 rifle and a nice lightweight set of scope rings. The forward scope ring also features another rail mount that would accept something like a small red dot for close-range targets.

It is a little ironic that Weaver is adapting their mounts for the military’s Picatinny rail considering that they championed the “Weaver Rail” configuration popular among hunters. Also new for Weaver is a quad rail handguard for M4 carbines (pictured below). Made of aluminum here in the U.S., it carries their laser-engraved logo and rail guards.


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  • Tactical-Life.com

    As these photo and descriptions were obtained by one of our writers at a trade show, I can assure you that all products are made by Weaver Optics. If you take a look- the weaver optics logo on the scope itself matches the logo on the corresponding website. Typically what happens, and this is an unfortunate aspect about companies in our industry, is that a company will unveil new products at trade shows for various reasons, but the actual customer service reps that work at the company’s headquarters are not aware of the existence of such products. Typically, a customer service rep will be well versed in only the products the company is currently shipping. If the products are unveiled at trade shows before they are ready to be shipped to the general public, the customer service and sales reps at HQs are left out of the loop.

    I hope that clears up any confusion. Thanks for visiting Tactical-Life.com! We look forward to hearing from you again.

  • Anonymous

    The info about the weaver picatinny rail mount
    is wrong. I contacted weaver about the mounts and sent them your site since they did not know what I was talking about. They looked at your site and said it is not one of their products. The weaver who is making these rings is not the weaver owned by ATK. If you know which weaver it is I would like to get that information. thanks.