WINCHESTER Supreme Elite PDX1 410 & 12 Gauge

Winchester Ammunition is launching their most innovative line of personal…

Winchester Ammunition is launching their most innovative line of personal defense shotshell ammunition in 2010 with two new products: The Supreme Elite® PDX1™ shotshells in 410 and 12 gauge. Both loads deliver threat-stopping power and offer more ammunition choices for personal defense.

410PDX1™ in 410 Gauge
Highly effective in both shotguns and 410 compatible handguns, the PDX1 in 410 gauge features a distinctive black hull and black oxide high-base head and combines three plated Defense Disc™ projectiles and 12 pellets of plated BB shot. The result is the ideal personal protection load for short range engagement with the performance needed to stop threats. This load is also suitable for varmint hunting and pest control. Designed for use in the Taurus Judge, this new personal defense round provides maximum protection at close range.

·      410 ga. 2 1/2”, 3 Defense Disc™ projectiles with 12 BBs
·      10 rd box
·      Availability: February 2010

PDX1 in 12 Gauge
The 12-gauge Supreme Elite® PDX1 features a distinctive black hull, black oxide high-base head and 3 pellets of Grex® buffered 00 plated buckshot nested on top of a 1 oz rifled slug. The result is the ideal, tight patterning personal defense load. The slug/buckshot combination provides optimum performance at short and longer ranges while compensating for aim error.

·      12 ga. Slug/Buck combo
·      Load:  12 gauge 2-3/4” 1 oz rifled slug with 3 pellets 00 Buck- buffered
·      10 rd box
·      Availability: March 2010

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  • noah

    Do you need a slug barrel for the slug and buckshot load

  • wildbill

    i have shot these out of my judge publicdefender to day ond i am not pleased. i was told that the discs’ are suposed to engage the threads of the jugdes rifled barrel…….they do not, and the accuracy even at around three yards sucks i know that it wasnt me because i can hit a bullseye with 45lc at 15 yards with this gun. i would try one box first…… i bought three up front and after the first round i knew that i had bought a stinker. it was supposed to be center mass at 15 yards.

  • Ernie Martin

    Just wait about 30 days and you WILL be able to buy the PDX – 1 in a 3 inch shell made just for the Judge ! I know this because I have talked to Winchester on the phone. They told me it is being
    introduced at a gun show next month and after that we will be able to buy it. It will have 4 discs in it and more bb’s. It is in production now
    carry all the time

  • ted409

    well i can buy 20 slugs for the price of 10 rounds of this stuff.
    i really thing that 3 inch #1 buck is sufficient enough. or the 20 slugs whichever you prefer.
    i just read an article that said to just stay away from exotic ammo because it costs so much you cant afford to do any practice shooting with it. i think that 13.99 for 10 rounds is a bit high

  • Andy

    john your sad…. You need to be educated with this tool so you do not hurt yourself or someone close to you.

  • Hank

    Twist barrels are not the same as rifling. but refers to old damascus barrels which are not safde with modern loads. The pdx1 is fine for your Judge.

  • Jim

    The box reads “Damascus or Twist barrels”. Does not say ‘RIFLED’ barrels. Damascus or “Damascus twist” barrels are older shotgun barrels that typically were made prior to 1900. The steel iron ribbons were twisted and welded. They were weaker than modern barrels and can not take the high pressures. Damascus barrels have a clear, irregular pattern of short, streak-like marks around the barrel. DO NOT fire a gun with a Damascus barrel! The JUDGE no problem.

  • john

    It states that it is designed for the Taurus Judge…then on the box it states do not us firearms with twist barrels. My Taurus Judge Public Defender has a some twist/rifling. Does anyone have a response to this?

  • Attempting to purchase both .410 12 ga PDXI. Please advisel+

  • Gabriel

    Can these rounds be fired from a Full-choke shotgun?