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GUN TEST - LMT Defender SPM 16 5.56mm

Fast-handling patrol carbine ready for mean-streets duty!

GUN TEST - DS Arms SA58 Para 7.62mm

Heavy-hitting CQB carbine that is ready to defeat barricades!

Springfield Armory XD-S 9mm Pistol Review

Extreme-duty defender offers eight rounds of backup firepower!

GUN TEST - Mossberg 590A1 12-Gauge

Riot-busting tactical shotgun ready for extreme LE duty!

GUN TEST - Bravo Company M4 Mod 3 5.56mm

Ultra-reliable LEO workhorse takes mil-spec to the next level!

GUN TEST - Franklin Armory LTW 5.56mm

Handcrafted AR cuts weight without losing an ounce of patrol-ready performance!


Raging .338 bullpup streamlined for fast handling and sub-MOA accuracy!

Basic Training - Combat Shooting Tactics

Tactical training from former Special Forces operator Paul Howe!