A Few Fighting Knives | Fixed & Folding Combat Knives

Four folding knives and one fixed blade from Buck, Kershaw and D.R. Gregg!

Before I took up this life of crime fighting, I carried a knife. Following the advice of Donald Hamilton’s fictional hardcase Matt Helm, I chose the Buck 110 Folding Hunter.

workingknives2.jpgDon’t confuse the Matt Helm of the novels with Dean Martin’s whimsy on screen. The novel portrayed a tough, practical actor in a tough and dangerous job. He picked a knife that wouldn’t fairly scream “switch-blade” in that gentler time. Meanwhile, he oiled and worked the pivot with plenty of elbow grease so it could open one-handed.

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  • Brad

    I carry a 110 in a horizontal leather quick draw sheath. One just pulls knife out by the rear bolster, and the sheath automatically opens it. Legal in any state so long as the blade meets length requirements. Where I live the max is 4 1/2″ and the Buck 110 is just about 4″ so it’s ideal.