BENCHMADE’s USB Flash Drive | Bali USB Drive

While offering standard functions, the BENCHMADE’s USB Flash Drive looks like a Bali-Song from the outside.

Here’s a Bali-Song that’s legal in all 50 states! OK, so it doesn’t cut so to speak, but it does carry, store and transport computer files like nobody’s business! The new Bali-USB Drive is a fully functioning 2GB USB flash drive that swings, flips and makes it easy to carry your important files anywhere. The handy device is made of three pieces of injection-molded plastic that hinge open or shut to protect the connector module. Data gets transferred at a fast 480Mbps speed. Each Bali-USB comes pre-loaded with Benchmade computer wallpaper! MSRP is $60. For more information visit

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  • Mang

    (Except that it’s only 2Gb? For $60, how about 10 or more?)

  • Mang

    This is a win.