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Blackhawk continues to expand its product line with the following knives for 2009.

BlackHawk has continued to expand their knife line with four new models for 2009.  The “Be-Wharned,” designed by Michael Janich, is far from a typical wharncliffe blade.  The steep profile offers utility but increases the personal defense potential of the 3.4-inch blade.  If you are looking for a true combat dagger, try mixing the designs of Applegate, Fairbairn and Bret Beshara into one knife.  The new “UK-SFK” (United Kingdom Special Forces Knife) does just that with a 6.22-inch blade of D-2 steel and full tang construction.  Also for this year, BlackHawk has given their “MOD CQD Mark I” a new re-build to come up with the “Type E” version (pictured above).  You get an improved edge geometry while maintaining the other features such as a seat belt cutter and glass breaker all at a lower price point  Just to make sure you don’t break one of your knives with abuse, they have introduced the “Small Pry.”  The knife/pry bar combination is of D-2 steel for strength and carries a 4.39-inch cutting edge.  Click the additional thumbnails to see each model.

06blackhawkcqdtypee.jpg 05blackhawkbewharned.jpg07blackhawkuk-sfk.jpg

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