The BLACKHAWK UK-SFK knife is a blade inspired by the Applegate-Fairbairn dagger.

At the request of a distributor that works closely with British special operations, the new Blackhawk UK-SFK evolved from an evaluation of several standard knives. They were impressed with the handle ergonomics and strength of Brent Beshara’s XSF-1 dagger but wanted more conventional cutting performance. The result fused the Beshara handle and a blade profile inspired by the original “Applegate-Fairbairn” dagger. To meet specific requirements, Blackhawk also developed a sheath capable of horizontal attachment to a MOLLE platform and a release that is ergonomically identical to the SERPA holster in use by British special operations. All initial production of the UK-SFK is being shipped to the UK and commercial variants should be available May 2009. For more information, visit

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