Blade-Tech Partial Eclipse Holster

The Partial Eclipse Holster finds its origins in the plethora…

The Partial Eclipse Holster finds its origins in the plethora of Yaqui Slide styled holsters on the market today, with a BLADE-TECH™ twist.
With an open muzzle design, it’s perfect for those that carry multiple barrel lengths of the same gun. Which means you can holster all of your different lengths of 1911s, Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&Ps, Springfield Armory XDs and more!

The Partial Eclipse Holster is thermal formed with BLADE-TECH™ quality retention built right in. It comes with a solid molded sight ramp that will not collapse and drag or hinder the draw of the pistol.
For increased safety, it provides full coverage of the trigger guard. Because of its minimalist design, it dramatically reduces firearm printing.

* Minimalist design
* Highly concealable
* Smooth & quick draw while concealed
* Patterned after popular Yaqui Slide
* Strong, lightweight construction
* Constructed of high quality materials
* Full coverage of trigger guard
* Tension adjustable
* Secure FBI cant
* Solid molded sight ramp
* Positive Lock Trigger Guard™
* Easy re-holstering
* Only available in Right Hand at this time
* Made in the USA

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