The EXTREMA RATIO MF0 is a 70mm folding knife weighting just 138 grams.

We are glad to inform you that we have planned and produced a new folding knife, called MF0.

MF0 is the “little” version of the MF series and is basically the compact version of MF2. It mantains all the MF2 characteristics with the exception of the handle, which is reduced to the minimum length. The blade is shortened making it similar to our Shrapnel “back up” knife.

We will ship a sample of MF0 to whom is going to write an article on it.  For more information, visit www.extremaratioknivesdivision.eu for more information.

Here are the technical data:
Blade length: 70 mm
Overall length: 180 mm
Blade thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 138 g
Blade steel: N690 (58HRC)
Handle material: ANTICORODAL
Serration on the blade: NO
Finishing and coating: Anodized handle, burnished blade

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  • Mark

    I own an Extrema Ratio MFO.
    Superb blade shape, razor sharp, a very comfortable and ergonomic handle, effective two position thumb jimping which are rather more of ‘notching’ than ‘jimping’.
    As much as I like the MFO very much… the MFO unfortunately has a glaring and potentially disastrous design flaw.
    It’s a liner lock, which has a secondary ‘safety lock’ that’s only locks the blade in the open position, NOT in the closed position. The blade has barely any ‘detente’ when in the closed position, there is a rather “beefy” thumb ‘flipper’ in addition to thumb studs, if this knife is put into a back pack/waist pouch and even into a pants pocket… if anything bumps or press’s up against, the “flipper”… the blade comes out of the the handle VERY easily, a bloody surprise waiting to happen when you reach into your pack or waist pouch to get your knife.

  • I would love to write an article highlighting the extreme ratio MFO. Please contact me through my provided private e-mail
    Thank you very much,
    Aaron Franks
    (president/founder) Belle Rose Industries

  • Ben

    I will write an article about the Extrema Ratio MF0. Please contact me through the email left in this comment.

    Thank you