GATCO’s Snap-On Blades & Sharpener Line

The GATCO’s Snap-On Blades & Sharpener Line includes 12 specialty knives and sharpeners.

Snap-On tools in collaboration with Great American Tool Company (GATCO) now has a line of blades and sharpeners they can call their very own. Twelve new models along with a number of specialty knives and sharpeners are available now through Snap-On dealers like ACE Hardware, Bass Pro Shops, Costco and more. One of the first items to hit the shelves is the Model 5400 Combo. The combo includes a 5230 Folding Framelock with a 2.25” 440 stainless blade and the Model 5120 Carbide Sharpener that sports two tungsten sharpening elements attached to an ABS body with an easy-to-grip Kraton handle. All blades and sharpeners in the line offer high-quality construction, yet are tagged with prices that work for the budget-conscious do-it-yourselfer or tradesman. Also on the Snap-On/GATCO fall 2009 horizon are hatchets, skinners and folders for outdoorsmen. All items feature a limited lifetime warranty. For more information visit

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  • Chuck


    I bought the combo pack at Costco to get the flashlights. They are great. The 5230 model knife is small and sturdy and probably worth $8.00 to $10.00.

    On the back of the package it says “One-handed open/close feature”. A line points to the spine of the knife near the back end. It made no sense. I looked at other web sites and some advertise one-handed open/close and some just advertise one-handed open. Question is “how do you do a one-handed close?”. I am a lifetime knife user and was stumped. I found out others were stumped also.

    I contacted Snap-on by email and received no answer. I called them and one lady told me another lady who knew how to do it would tell me how to do the one-handed close (The open is obvious). The second lady knew how to do the one-handed close but refused to tell me.

    Later someone contacted me by email and asked me to call them. I said “just send me the instructions”. They refused.

    Later some guy from Gatco sent me an email. Same thing. He refused to send me the instructions but wanted to talk to me on the phone.

    After I refused to talk to the guy he became insulting and smart a**.

    Someone has obviously screwed up at Snap-on/Gatco. They advertised a feature that can be done but is dangerous. I finally figured out how to do the one hand close and all I can say is IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR THUMB INTACT YOU WON’T TRY THIS. Secondly, it is tricky and difficult to do.

    I say always buy your knives from knife companies and only buy knives from companies who make their living on knives. Gatco and Snap-on are tool companies. Buy sockets from them. Buy knives from Case, Cold Steel, Benchmade, etc. Also buy them from outlets who have customer service people who are experts in knives.

    It would be simple and acceptable for Gatco/Snap-on to say “Oops, we made a mistake, we just meant one-handed open”, but they have apparently decided to stone wall the customers. You won’t catch me buying any of their products in the future.