Hillknives Afghanistan Memorial Knife

The Hillknives Afghanistan Memorial Knife is in remembrance of the current military mission in Afghanistan.

With regards to the current military mission in Afghanistan, Hillknives has decided to produce a special knife in remembrance thereof.

Hillknives has designed and developed a superb knife, and in the meantime has constructed the prototype.


However due to orders for “custom made knives” to be delivered in the coming two years, we are unable to produce the A.M.K. ourselves.

The excellent Italian hi-tech company “Coltellerie Fox” will produce the knife in licence for us, such in accordance with our high standards of quality for both steel and shape.

The knife will be fitted in a perfectly made kydex three colour sheath by Kytac Tactical Gear Germany.

We are convinced that the A.M.K. project will be successful, and will make a valuable contribution to the international market. We believe we’re starting a successful project and also we’ll put a good product on the market internationally. Hillknives.com.

The price of this knife complete will be € 295,- including VAT sent of Rotterdam.


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  • Dcava

    Nice knife.

  • Albert

    hello Jesse you can buy this knife direct by hillknives.com the knife is in stock. best regards Albert

  • Jesse Parshell

    I am interested in this knife, and would like to receive more information regarding it. When is it being produced? Is the product being numbered? Can we pre-order it?