Jim Cooper Picks

Once again we are featuring a selection of Jim Cooper’s picks from recent custom knife shows around the country. This November collection offers something for all lovers of sharp things.

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Urban Tactical: Shawn Knowles “Jerzee Devil”
Urban Tactical: Shawn Knowles “Jerzee Devil Model 4” sports a 3.5-inch blade of CPMS110V steel on a handle of G10. The maker can be contacted at 750 Townsbury Rd., Dept. TK, Great Meadows, NJ 07838; 973-670-3307; shawnknowlescustomknives.com.

Bulls Eye On Tactical
Bulls Eye On Tactical: Sal Manaro’s “Bullseye GRP” tactical folder features a 3.5-inch blade of CPM154 stainless on a titanium handle frame. The maker can be reached at 10 Peri Ave, Dept. TK, Holbrook, NY 11741; 631-872-1787; manaroknives.com.

Iron Mistress for the Iron Duke
Iron Mistress for the Iron Duke: TerryLee Renner’s “Iron Duchess” Bowie features a 12-inch blade of 1095 carbon steel with mounts of remelted bell bronze and a handle of sambar stag. The maker can be contacted at 707 13 Ave., Dept. TK, Palmetto, FL 34221; 941-545-6320; trblades.com.