KA-BAR Original Zombie Knives

KA-BAR Original Zombie Knives

KA-BAR Knives announced an alternative weapons stage at Pandemic 2012, where the Original Zombie Knives and other gear will be tested.


KA-BAR Knives is proud to present an alternate weapons stage at Pandemic 2012. The stage will give shooters an opportunity to test their primal skills with an assortment of hand to hand tools.

KA-BAR Original Zombie Knives, the TDI Cane, Lake Effect Ice Scraper, and an assortment of hand-held tools will be used to test the participants’ resolve.

KA-BAR Original Zombie Knives were conceived in spring 2009 and became a KA-BAR product in January 2010. Pandemic 2012 is June 30 – July 1 at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island, Nebraska. For more information visit www.zombiesintheheartland.com.



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  • Tyler

    These are actually really good knives and they come from the manufacturer with black scales as well. Although they look like toys they are 50% beefier than the 1942 combat knife you speak of. Yes it’s true, they are not USA made but companies like Akbar would have a hard time surviving on 150$+ USA made knives. With that said our government doesn’t exactly make it easy to make profitable business here in the US, if they did we wouldn’t be sending all of our work over seas. You don’t think ka bar would rather make all of its product in the US?

  • AbnRanger’84

    I carried a Ka-Bar USMC Knife in the Army back in the ’80s. It’s sad now to see a once-proud knife manufacturer pander to this media-driven nonsense. Are these silly “Zombie Knives” made in Olean, NY, or are they (more) junk from Communist China?

  • AJ

    bought the shirt!