KME Sharpeners’ KME Knive Sharpening System

KME Sharpeners' new KME Knife Sharpening System is engineered for…

KME Sharpeners’ new KME Knife Sharpening System is engineered for precision performance and features technological advancements found in no other knife sharpening system.

The sharpening angle is infinitely adjustable between 17-30 degrees, with the angle scale clearly marked in one degree increments.

The system incorporates a unique spherical bearing rod guide which virtually eliminates all possibility of user error. The rod guide permits zero deviation from the selected sharpening angle throughout the sharpening process.

A fully rotational clamp with two horizontal stops allows the user to simply rotate the clamp to sharpen each side of the blade.

The KME uses just one knob for blade clamping, and is equipped with neoprene padded jaws, solid cherry pistol grip and stone carrier, and a quick change stone clamping system with interchangeable stones.

The system and a full line of accessories are available direct from KME in both standard ceramic/Arkansas stone and diamond stone kits. For more information on this and other KME products, visit

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