The PERSONAL PROTECTIVE SYSTEMS’ Manticuda offers a greater range of cutting angles compared with standard cutting knives.

Featuring a multi-faceted edge design that gives the user more cutting angles than standard configured knives, Personal Protective Systems‘ Manticuda was developed using the best materials, workmanship and treatments possible in a production knife.  The facets on the Manticuda act as macro-serrations and its points (where the facets meet) receive the majority of wear, which preserve the integrity of the edge flats. This design is also easier to sharpen: The blade can simply be drawn strait across the sharpening stone or rod at one constant angle.

The multi-hold handle allows for a Saber-grip, Hammer-grip, Handle down, Handle up, Guard pinch etc.

Multiple handle holes reduce weight, provide fingertip positional references, and speed grip transitions (by providing useful “pinch-points”).

The knife is secured with a Heavy-Duty Kydex Sheath. This sheath allows for multi-orientation/position capable: Tip up, Tip down, 45 degrees up, 45 degrees down, Tip lateral, Left hand, Right hand. The sheath is also compatible with standard MOLLE mounting systems.

Steel: S30V
Coating: Tungsten DLC
Handle: G10
Edge: Double-Sided, Flat Grind
MSRP: $275.00

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  • Awesome knife! I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Looks like a real winner for any last ditch effort in a weapons retention scenario. Thanks for showing this baby off!


    Thanks Paul! We fixed it 🙂

  • Paul Perkins

    Miss spelled words in 3rd line down.

    “developed using hte best materialas”
    ^ ^

    Love the site guys keep it up!