PERSONAL PROTECTIVE SYSTEMS’ Rhino Tooth knife gives the user a wider range of cutting possibilities.

Designed with the best materials, workmanship, and treatments possible in a production knife, Personal Protective Systems’ Rhino Tooth knife allows for more cutting angles than standard configured knives.  Four separate faces each perform differently acting as macro-serrations, while the points where facets meet are subjected to a majority of the wear- in turn preserving the integrity of the edge flats.

This design also makes the blade easier to sharpen. The blade can simply be drawn strait across the sharpening stone, rod, etc., at one constant angle instead of the sharpener having to hand compensate for varying radii (which alter this angle).

Draw-cut edge angles are established relative to the natural anatomical arrangement of the hand/wrist. Normal cutting actions generate considerably more force into the medium, due to the orientation of the blade to the motion.

A strategically placed batoning flat is provided for hard utility chores. The batoning flat is placed where there is most control- near the balance point of the knife and against the forward guard.

The knife features a large-guarded grip, allowing for superior weapon control during all cutting tasks and greater hand protection during heavy thrusts. With twelve + possible holding positions, the multi-grab handle gives you the flexibility for a variety of tasks. A hammer pommel features a concaved and serrated face. This concaved design channels what’s being hammered into the center of the handle (to protect the hand) and allow for greater force  utilization.

Steel: S30V
Heat-Treat: Paul Box
Coating: Tungsten DLC
Handle: G10
Edge: Double-Sided, Flat Grind (Double-Edged)

MSRP $295.00

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