RazorRazor, LLC announced the release of a new weapons system…


RazorRazor, LLC announced the release of a new weapons system on the web.  If McGruff the Crime dog can take a bite out of crime, this new hi-tech system has the power to disarm (literally) thugs, robbers and rapists.

The new personal protection system consists of a 33 inch RazorSword that can be totally concealed on the human body, inside your belt within a special linked tunnel containment system, and deployed in less than a second.  This revolutionary new weapon system is the ultimate equalizer.  It fights crime with the most powerful force imaginable: Surprise.

beltsword2.gifWhen worn on the body (around the waist) the RazorSword is totally invisible and can be ready to strike in half the time it would take to mount a hand gun.  The high carbon steel has the strength to cut up to 2¼  inches into 3/4 inch plywood making it a weapon that could easily remove the limb of a would be attacker.

Former US military personnel have already ordered the systems as have law enforcement officers and executive protection personnel.  A former Military Intelligence operator called the new system “a great invention, well designed and feels completely safe…..  It’s there for protection, and otherwise not cumbersome or visible as would be a typical sword, cane, or shotgun.”

For more information on this and other products from RazorRazor, visit www.BeltSwords.com

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  • I spent two days testing the system. Results:

    Totally concealable;
    Favorably compares to concealed handgun (IWB)presentation;
    Sharpened Razor Swords have the ability to literally disarm attackers (tested on tissue and bone simulants);
    Standard .042 Razor Swords have about 60% of the cutting capability of full-sized katanas 4x as heavy.