SEBER’s Ratcheting Knives | First Switchable Folding Locking Knives

Seber's new ratcheting models are their first switchable folding locking knives

Ratchet Locking Systems have been around for decades. It is a proven locking system that is trusted, tried and true primarily in socket wrenches. We have incorporated this ratcheting gear and pawl system into the First Switchable Folding Locking Knife to lock open, closed, and lock at any angle. No other folding locking knife allows you to lock the blade in so many positions. This feature allows you to set the blade angle at the optimum cutting angle while allowing your wrists to be parallel to your cutting surface allowing more power to be applied.


• Dimensions

• 3” Drop Point Blade

• 4 5/8” Knife Closed

• 7 ¾” Knife Case and Blade Open

• Blade Material 8CR13MOV Stainless Steel

o Blade Hardness 58-60 RC

• Stainless Steel Knife Case.

• G10 Composite Handles

• Stainless Steel Belt Clip

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  • Nathan

    I recently purchased a Seber Knife at a Trade Show and it is fantastic. I don’t know how many times I’ve had a difficult cut to make and failed miserably with my old knife.

    This thing is great, I would definitely recommend it.