SOG Knives and Tools For Law Enforcement, Outdoors and Military

The SOG Knives and Tools For Law Enforcement, Outdoors and Military are part of the brand’s new Aura line.

SOG Specialty Knives and Tools is proud to introduce the brand-new Aura line of knives, with a hunting model, camping model and a black TiNi SEAL model. The line is another reason why SOG is the favored brand among outdoorsmen, law enforcement, industrial tradesmen and the military.

Aura SEAL (Black TiNi)



With our Aura line, we built on the traditional ideas of the past and evolved them for the future. We thought about weight, ease of carry, safety and intuitiveness. We studied the original bowie knife created by Rezin Bowie in 1838. We considered utility, ergonomics and comfort. We used a high impact and tough glass-reinforced polymer handle that is overmolded with a more pliable material for non-slip comfort. We didn’t want a big clunky crossguard that isolated the hand so we adapted the blade design to provide the element of safety and allows greater control. Unscrew the carbide sharpener in the back of the handle and reflect that yes, maybe this is a new day in knives. (MSRP: $53)

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  • Like any good blade company SOG makes it very difficult to choose just one!
    I was introduced to the SOG line by a sort of cocky sales clerk, I had a Blade from Beretta my blade had cutouts was light and sharp. SOG TomCat folder was stronger than my Berreta folder and was as strong as the smaller fixed blade I had. Neither of my blades would have split a .45 in /2 when fired on so…If you are looking for a true winner trust a SOG whether a Black TiNi Aura Seal Bowie Knife, an old TomCat or one of the large Seal Pup series you will not be disappointed. My life depend on the blade I choose & use. I can & have utilized a knife as a weapon before, but the same is true for a coffee mug! The knife is a tool a SOG knife is a very good tool indeed.

  • silvano

    Ho un SOG SE37-N.
    Lama superba, materiale ottimo,grande compagno di avventure e soprattutto di difesa.

  • Mr.Pimms

    I have the SOG Aegis. Love it, holds a crazy edge. Ha sthe digi camo laser etched on the blade with the same digi handle. Awesome. Looking forward to buy another one for hunting.

  • Right Coast

    FWIW my buddy has SOG multitool, I’d never handled one before (grew up on Leatherman)…way better feel than a Leatherman I thought, though way pricier, don’t know much from Cold Steel however.

  • Justin

    I sold my SOG Seal Pup and bought a Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter. The nylon sheaths SOG provides was part of the reason.