SOGs New Specs | Pentagon Elite Tactical Folding Knives

SOG rolls out Spec versions of their popular Pentagon Elite series tactical folding knives.

SOG Knives, for a large part, have always paid homage to tradition—blending historical design themes with more contemporary styling cues and modern materials. The company has more recently made some serious waves in the cutlery industry with more progressive styling like that seen in their new Topo series fixed-blades and folders, but SOG has never forgotten their roots.

sog2.jpgThe original Pentagon fixed-blade fit right into the SOG theme back in 1995. Designed as a backup knife, the Pentagon sported a 5-inch double-ground blade and symmetrical handle reminiscent of the old riverboat gambler boot knives and the Scottish Sgian Dubh. Several years after the Pentagon had established itself as a popular seller in the company’s line, a folder version—the Pentagon Elite—was introduced. This model was spun off into a larger version and even newer variant in the new Pentagon Spec-Elite series.

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