Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System

Guided Sharpening System: Work Sharp’s Every Knife Solution

Dubbed as the 'complete sharpening solution for every knife you own,' Work Sharp's Guided Sharpening System lives up to the billing.

Work Sharp’s new Guided Sharpening System provides a no-special-skills-required solution to the quandary many face when trying to hold a consistent angle through each pass on a traditional benchstone.

The kit consists of two interchangeable diamond plates—medium and fine grit—that are held in place on the sharpening platform by magnets. The platform also provides two reversible sharpening angle guides for outdoor cutlery and kitchen cutlery.

In addition, each standard Guided Sharpening System includes a ceramic hone system for edge touch-ups and fishhooks.

In use, the sharpener has a choice of using the “pivot response” option that flexes down under knife pressure to create the correct angle on curved edges, or the plate can be locked in place for straight blades. Work Sharp’s diamond abrasives will easily hone the hardest steel alloy in short order.

For more information on the Guided Sharpening System and other products from Work Sharp, please visit or call 800-597-6170.

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