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CZ 512 .22 LR

Hybrid semi-auto plinker merges classic looks with modern reliability!

Dangerous Game Backup

You need guts and the right long gun for trailing wounded game!

Personal Defense Options

What to consider when selecting a concealed carry handgun!

Colt LE6940P 5.56mm Rifle | Gun Review

The Colt LE6940P is a piston-operated powerhouse streamlined for optimum home defense!

Six Smoothbore Shotguns | O/U & Pump Shotguns

Side-by-sides, O/Us and pump actions—a little something for everyone!

The Art Of The Gun Hide

Sly and safe storage will quickly get you into action and have the bad guys running!

Lionheart LH9 MK II 9mm Pistol Review

The Lionheart LH9 MK II is a durable, "Double Action Plus+" 9mm built for rapid and accurate fire!

Charging Bullpups

Multi-purpose CQB warriors compact, hard-hitting designs!