Avoid The Ambush

Dangers of clearing hallways beware! Multi-talented firearms designer is lost.

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I’ve always said that the best building entry is the one you can avoid. While this is good advice where a known suspect is inside, or where a warrant has to be served, it doesn’t hold water in real life, as cops have to do building checks (clearings) all the time on patrol. Hallways and “wall-ways” are particularly hazardous. In such situations, the officer will be out in the open until there is a doorway and that’s where things can really get interesting.

swat.jpgSome time ago during a tactical segment in a shoot house, a dozen students and I were asked what position an officer searching a building should take, in the center of the hallway or next to a wall. Of course, this is a loaded question, since no two situations are alike, but after all the others chose a path next to a wall, I advised to take a center path most of the time, or to switch back and forth from right to left as needed. OK, you might
say I cheated. I didn’t invent the system; I was just older than the others and had had some of the best instruction from
the best trainers over the years.