BHI Ultimate Assailant Targets


Blackheart International’s new Ultimate Assailant Targets series was developed to simulate real-life tactical scenarios in a two-dimensional environment. Through the careful use of shadow, contrast, form and assailant positioning, these targets task the shooter to quickly locate the targets’ kill zones, just as they would be encountered in real-life situations on the street, in an alley, a home or other location. Unlike conventional silhouette targets, standard qualifying targets or most “environmental” targets on the market today, acquiring the lethal sight picture on an Ultimate Assailant Target presents a tactical challenge for defensive pistol students, thus improving the student’s target recognition and kill zone acquisition skills during training.


The Ultimate Assailant Target series was created specifically for pistol and tactical rifle training of security and law-enforcement professionals, yet these targets are ideal for civilian personal defense training as well.

The Ultimate Assailant Target series presents sixteen unique target and environment scenarios. Each black-and-white target measures 23×35 inches, and comes with 25 targets per pack.

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