Fort Hood shooter’s beard delays court hearing.

U.S. Army Photo

A hearing to consider pre-trial motions in the murder case against an Army psychiatrist charged in the Fort Hood shooting rampage has been delayed after defendant Maj. Nidal Hasan showed up in court wearing a beard.

The trial judge, Col. Gregory Gross, said Hasan’s appearance at the hearing Friday violated Army regulations and is considered a disruption to the proceedings.

Gross says the hearing will be delayed until the near future when Hasan either complies with military grooming standards or watches the hearing from outside the courtroom on a video feed. Hasan’s lawyers say they’ll seek an exception to the grooming rule on religious grounds.

Source: The Associated Press via Fox News.


  • CBec

    give him a close shave and wash his mouth out with buck shot

  • Dan

    This scumbag murdered unarmed Soldiers and civilians. Use duct tape to rip off his beard and put his traitorous carcass on trial. WTF is this Army coming to? They have already prosecuted and sentenced patriotic combat veterans for killing terrorists in a combat zone, but they can’t convene a trial for this swine scumbag when the evidence is overwhelming?

  • 1

    What that guy said!

  • Fred

    I hope for a quick trial & appropriate sentence for this miserable excuse for a human.

  • 16vcabman

    Just put him in front of the firing squad as he did to his brothers on base.

  • http://tacticallife Jeff Witkin

    Take his picture down. There is no reason to give his face any publicity. Thanks

  • Caleb

    “I hope for a quick trial & appropriate sentence for this miserable excuse for a human.”

    Agreed. Though, sadly, the “quick trial” is liable to last for a couple years….or not, depending upon how elections go.