HeadDown Deceptus Break Down Rifle

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The ultimate carry carbine. HeadDown’s Deceptus Break Down Rifle is easily (tool-lessly) disassembled into two roughly equal-length parts—the receiver and stock on the one hand, the 16-inch; 1:7-inch twist, hammer-forged barrel on the other. Combined they make for a fairly petite 36.6-inch carbine, chambered in either 5.56x45mm NATO or 300 AAC Blackout. Forged from 7075 steel and hard-coat anodized for durability, the Deceptus features a mid-length gas system, an MFT stock, an A2 pistol grip and a thread protector. Included with the rifle is a custom hard case (into which the bisected rifle neatly fits) and two 30-round magazines (hdrifles.com).


  • EGS

    never heard of “Forged … 7075 steel”

  • Gumbeaux

    I’ve actually seen that “tool-less disassembly” feature on an AR-15 before. Shocking, I know.