HIGH TECH – EOTech Duty Weapon Sights

Versatile, duty-ready holographic sights for CQB and long range!

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    Perfectly suited for use in any patrol environment—and built for harsh abuse—EOTech’s holographic weapon sights can be mounted on any top rail for fast, both-eyes-open targeting.
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    SWAT teams and military operators regularly mount HWS units because of their speed and ease of use in CQB situations.
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    A 3X magnifier mated to an HWS unit provides precision at longer ranges. When it isn’t needed, flip it to the side.
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    The reticle of an HWS unit is only visible to the operator, and this heads-up display allows LEOs to remain threat-focused while shooting.
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There are two basic categories of weapon sights available these days, the most prolific being a red dot or optic made to withstand occasional range use, target practice or competition. The second category is designed specifically for deployment. Combat optics are built to survive the harshest conditions and real-world use. Most are pretty simple, as complication in combat is less than desirable. The most common is a red dot or similar, and EOTech’s holographic weapon sights (HWS) are the favorite of many.

Comparing the police and military world is popular these days—it sells equipment and training. The truth is that they are more different than similar. Not only are the manner and methods of operation different, but so are the rules of engagement. However, some things, such as equipment, cross over because of their basic application. Red-dot or holographic sights are one such category, as they are fantastic for CQB uses. When dedicated to close-quarters use, a red dot remains my preference. Patrol officers require a bit more flexibility, though. That environment is better served by a reticle with a few more aiming options, and EOTech HWS units fit this bill perfectly.

These sights are popular among LEOs, which is confirmed by the large number of the units produced and sold. A wide variety of models means that there are sights for most budgets and operational conditions. Various battery options and configurations can accommodate magnifiers, lasers and other equipment, fitting just about any law enforcement need.

Holo How-Tos

An EOTech sight is not a red dot. It does not “project” a dot, which is one of its advantages—it projects nothing forward of the shooter, even in night-vision modes. Looking at the sight from the front, you cannot pick up a red hue or a projection of any kind. There is no need for lens coatings or diffusers to prevent glare. The reticle in the EOTech is a holographic image visible only to the operator. It is a heads-up display (HUD) that remains in place whether covered with mud, debris or obscured by a shattered screen. So long as you can see through any part of the HUD, you will be able to use the entire reticle with no change in impact. This provides for a versatile reticle that equates to more options for the shooter.