Hornady Critical DUTY® 45 Auto+P Ammo

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Meeting the FBI protocol handgun ammunition terminal performance test requirements is no small task – especially with a bullet as large as .45 caliber – but Hornady engineers have succeeded! Featuring the 220 grain FlexLock® bullet, the Critical Duty 45 Auto+P delivers industry leading performance through all FBI established urban barriers.

The FlexLock® bullet features the Hornady exclusive Flex Tip® technology that prevents bullet clogging while enhancing barrier penetration and terminal performance. A massive jacket-to-core InterLock® band is used to lock the jacket and core together for high weight retention. Additionally, all Critical Duty® loads feature low-flash propellants and nickel plated cartridge cases with sealed primers and case mouths.

Rugged 220 grain FlexLock® bullet
Flex Tip® design prevents clogging and enhances barrier penetration
InterLock® band locks the core and jacket
Low-flash propellants
Nickel plated cartridge cases
Sealed primers and case mouths

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    good luck actually buying any. i would appear that all ammo everywhere is sold out.