LASERLYTE Subcompact V2 Laser + FlashLyte Package

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LaserLyte has paired its Subcompact V2 laser and FlashLyte to create the smallest laser and light package available. This combo pack fits on all subcompact pistols and any larger gun with rails. The system features three mounting options for maximum versatility. Additionally, the laser and light can be used individually or together. MSRP $199.95

LaserLyte Laser and FlashLyte Specifications:
- Product Number: LL-1
- Compatible Firearms: All firearms with rail systems
- Power Output: 5mw, 25 lumens
- Batteries: 4-A76, 3-393
- Battery Life: 1.5 hours plus
- Weight: 2.3 oz., 65.20 g
- Length: 1.80 in., 45.72 mm
- Width: 1 in., 25.40 mm
- Height: 180 in., 45.72 mm
- Laser Range at Night: 500 yd., 457 m
- FlashLyte Range at Night: 10 yd., 9 m
- MSRP: $199.95


  • Gene Posner

    Do you have the Sig P290 Laser in stock, and if so, what is the cash price.