MasterPiece Arms Increases Stock on 30rnd Mags


MasterPiece Arms has heavily increased their stock of the MPA20-70P 30 Round Polymer Magazine. Visit the MasterPiece Arms website for more information and / or to make a purchase. More info at their website here.

MPA20-70P 30 Round Polymer Magazine
-Made for all 9MM Pistols & Rifles
-Made for all Mini 9MM Pistols
-(Made to fit any MPA gun with a Serial # which starts with B or F, as in B1234 or F5678)

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  • RL

    If only they would make some 10 round Grease Gun magazines like they said they would….over 6 months ago. I bought an MPA .45 here in California, and it didn’t even come with a magazine!