Safariland‘s newest Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) concealment holster is expertly designed for improved grip, holstering and concealability for plainclothes or civilian carry. The new Safariland Model 18 IWB holster is made with durable SafariLaminate™, and its open top design enables users to efficiently access their firearms in any situation.  A synthetic suede outer material grips clothing to minimize movement of the holster, increasing comfort and concealability while the holster’s inside lining helps protect the finish of the weapon.

The low profile design of the Safariland Model 18 IWB holster features a double-snap belt loop that allows the holster to be adjusted for cant angle and overall positioning within the waistband.  The Model 18 fits 1.25” (38mm) to 1.5” (45mm) belt widths and is designed to fit pistols and revolvers with barrels ranging from 2” to 5”. Available in black sueded finish, the Model 18 IWB holster has an MSRP of $78.00.


  • josip

    I use Safariland holsters for duty and in private use for concealment carry.Do they made that Safariland 18 IWB holster for Springfiled XD9/40 service model with 4 inch BBL and wich is sample code for it, i am a right handed?Dose anybody know something about that?

  • sarah randolph

    how can i order this?