SIG Sauer 516 5.56mm AR-15 Rifle

The Sig Sauer 516 is 30-round standard M4 mag, variable gas piston system- available in 7, 10, 14.5 and 18" barrels.

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    SIG Sauer 516 5.56mm AR-15 Rifle
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    SIG Sauer 516 5.56mm AR-15 Rifle
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    SIG Sauer 516 5.56mm AR-15 Rifle
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    SIG Sauer 516 5.56mm AR-15 Rifle

SIG516: 30-round standard M4 mag, variable gas piston system- available in 7, 10, 14.5 and 18″ barrels. Sig Sauer was asked by the public to produce this gun, which has been improved with SIG accessories and variable gas system and gun handles identical to an AR system. SIG warranty reliability, but not all parts are made in the US.  THe company is focusing on the international markets for LE and military. The SIG Academy is supporting a new AR-15 program to train operators with the new gun.  Check out The Firearm Blog‘s post with more information and pictures and visit for the official announcement from Sig Sauer soon!

Features: SIG Sauer 516 5.56mm AR-15 Rifle

-Gas piston operating system
-Four-position gas regulator
-5.56 x 45mm NATO
-Free-floating military grade Nitride treated barrel
-M1913 Picatinny flat top upper
-7075-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum upper & lower receiver with hard coat anodize finish
-Flip-up iron sights

Specifications: SIG Sauer 516 5.56mm AR-15 Rifle

-Item Number: R516G2-16B-P
-Action: Semi-Auto
-Operating System: Short stroke pushrod, Rotating Bolt
-Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
-Overall Length: 35.7 in
-Trigger Type: MIL-SPEC
-Trigger Weight: 7.6 lbs
-Barrel Length: 16.0 in
-Rifling: 1 in 7in
-Number of Grooves: 6
-Weight w/out Mag: 7.3 lbs
-Mag Capacity: 30 Rounds
-Mag Type: AR-15 Type, Aluminum
-Accessory Rail: Yes
-Features: Advanced pushrod gas system, Flip-up adjustable iron sights, SIG Stock, Grip and Handguard
-MSRP: $1,719.00
-CA Compliant: No
-MA, NY, NJ, Compliant: No


  • Gilbert del Toro II

    Sig does it again. This one will be a winner worldwide and in the U.S.. Probably $2,400.00 to $,2800.00. Put me down for one and also the American Rifleman Jan. 2010 issue with the SIG 516 on the cover.Excited.Good investment in the future.

  • http://TacticalLife Brennan Barnes

    This piston system looks exactly like the Adams Arms that I have seen on Smith and Wesson. Are they another company licensing this? Should be a BIG hit

  • Robert Amos

    The Sig hype re this rifle makes me want to gag. They have improved nothing. Reminiscent of their improved 1911. Save your money; this rifle is going nowhere.

  • Jaws

    AR-15 has been done to death. Let it go. Slapping a piston on it doesn’t make a new gun and it won’t change squat.
    Some companies are looking ahead and are making new platforms built from the ground up. That’s where I’d put my money, not on another quick fix job.

  • Perry

    The American Rifleman stated the MSRP was $1299 if I remember correctly.

  • Duane Paris

    to those of you who have nothing good to say about the new products coming out from Sig it would seem that it bothers you that your opinion means nothing to those around you so you want to pee someone else’s parade or your to broke to buy one so bashing it makes you feel rich ,Get A Life (GAL) thats what you are acting like.

  • Stephen Armstrong

    I, for one, have owned several Sig weapons over the years and have never found any flaws. The ability of their hand guns to feed any and all ammunition in any order was always a reason for me to own them. I have carried a Colt AR15 for many years and used it in a variety of circumstances but now I am on the verge of buying this new rifle. I will be happy to get my hands on one and give it a go. Well done Sig Sauer!

  • Mr. Devil Dog

    I’ve been in the market for a new black rifle for a little while now. I’ve owned a couple of Sig handguns and loved every minute of them. I saw the Sig516 in GWLE magazine and let me tell you, I’m going to be one of the first to pick this rifle up. I like about the piston system it’s 4 position gas key (normal, adverse, suppressed and off). The cycle of the action is the only thing that gives a shooter away in a tactical situation using a supressed weapon and subsonic ammo. This one feature is great for taking care of that one nuance.

  • Thomas

    You “same ole thing” whiners miss the whole point! This SIG AR15 is not about being revolutionary- it’s about being EVOlutionary. It’s about one of the the most trusted firearm manufacturers out there making their version of the TRIED and TRUE AR15! I for one, as a HUGE Sig Sauer fan am wondering where the hell can I get MINE! It is a very good thing for the AR15 to be so widely acclaimed and made by SO MANY manufacturers which whether you admit it or not, has led to its overall improvement and that INCLUDES the gas piston actuation system! I for one cannot afford a damn $4,000 gun and the standardization of the AR15 across the industry allows ME to own a gun that is just as good for a LOT less money. So quit bitching and just don’t buy the gun if you don’t like it. I for one am standing in line to get mine.

  • Doug herlofson

    I purchased a 556 Swat model recently,great rifle. One thing I like about the offerings from Sig is that they have 1 in 7 twist rates on their barrels. Everyone else is 1 in 9 and a few in 1 in 8. Sure gives you a bigger choice of ammo. Plus in MO we can now have sound suppresors so the 3 position gas system is another bonus.

  • Mike Morris

    I am a super fan of Sig products. I have a 220 that I bought 25 years ago and it has had several thousand rounds run through it and has never had a single problem. I have a Colt AR-15, that I bought new 10years ago and it drives tacks. I have already ordered the 516 Precision Marksman, with a September delivery date. I hope it is as good as I hope for.

  • Russ Clewley

    I have owned two Sig pistols for seven or eight years, I have never had a jam or malfunction. When I am carrying I will not carry anything else. Sig always means quality I would expect nothing less for this rifle!

  • drew

    i own 4 sigs 556 pistol 556 1st year with swiss internals a522 and a 9mm sig pro 2022 all are top quality the grease is still white after 3 or more yrs of shooting it is the cleanest running 556 ive dealt with cleaning is almost optional no jams ever from any above hk has nothing on them but price 500 to 1000 rds its still clean they rule as far as a 223 super accuracy and easily field stripped 30 seconds most maybe 1 minute to clean for a novice the 556 in my opinion is better than any ar15 out there i wont mention names but they suck in comparison the556 is the way to go if u ask me plus they are cool running and sturdy as hell i give a 10 of 10 or bettergood luck

  • xrey

    Almost $1800 with no front and rear sight, but it comes with a red dot, probably intro offer. Looks nice as with other AR’s. I might get the 20″ model when I can afford it.

  • hifiho

    Picked one up for $1329 today. No iron sights. Cheezy red dot. Hard case. M-4 Magazine. My fingers are crossed. Satisfied 556 owner, so my expectations are high.

  • Mark Poetker

    I got my 516 for $1700.00 with an eotech sight. AMAZING Riffle…


    I bought my new Sig 516 yesterday; took it out to sight in with a 1-4 power scope. I don’t care for any red dot sights.
    The rifle was perfectly reliable in about 50 rounds, and my last shots printed 1″. Now that is a sweet rifle. I do wish the forend was a little lighter, but can live with it. This is a rifle I can live with and trust.

  • Peter Pan

    I just bought one last night. I have yet to shoot it, but I can’t say enough by just taking it apart, looking it over and seeing what it’s made of. I’ve done two tours through Iraq, so I am VERY familiar with AR platforms. I’m not a gear que*r, so I Don’t know what optic is best or what kind of high speed tactical flash lights are best or a hundred different coat hangers attached to my rifles make me a better Marine, but I do know what a stripped down rifle should look like, feel like, and for some of us, smell like. This is the Bee’s knees of AR rifles. The thing is about all these piston AR’s people are complaining about is that Sig has been doing piston rifles far longer than anyone else. I don’t care what L.W.C, P.M.C., C.O.C.K. lovers are talking about. Get your ass out there in front of the enemy and exchange fire, THEN pick up a rifle and figure out if that system is worth your life and you trust that company and their engineers. This is my rifle of choice and I STRONGLY advise whoever reads this and is on the fence to buy one. Do what Nike says and Just Do It. This isn’t a quick fix rifle. They have put time and thought into it. A quick fix would be attaching a piston and throwing it on the market (like ruger). 6 integrated sling attachments, entire new design to the bolt housing, same reliable piston regulation the 556 has, MagPul furniture, whatever it’s called that puts pressure on top receiver to maintain a rigid feel, ambidextrous magazine release, shallow top receiver to keep the bolt from rising. The thing I’m trying ot say that this isn’t a quick fix rifle. This rifle has most if not all the features people buy aftermarket for their rifles AND then some. I dont give 2 shits if SW built this or bushmaster. The thing is that this is the new and probably the last step for ARs before everyone turns their attention to a different platform. Good job Sig.

  • Garth

    Found a Sig516 for $1199 + tax. Is that a good buy?

  • Roscoe

    I got my 516 for $1400 with Iron sights. I have put over three thousand rounds of Federal brass cased and Wolf steel cased ammo through it. Unlike others who I feel may be holding back for prides sake, I have had at least five or more misfires. Soft hit of the firing pin. The pin made a very slight dent in the primer, not enough to set it off. It is clean, oiled and very light graphite greased where the bolt slides. That’s not many misfires but it seems no one else ever has one. Should I send mine back to Sig?

  • bee

    I have a Sig 516 patrol & a Sig 522 swat. I haven’t have any issues at all with any of them. Just yesterday i shot 200rds through the 516 with out any problems and shot over 300rds with the 522.
    From my experience:
    Sig 522:
    Shot over 2000rds and had only about 5 misfires 3 of them due to bulk ammo. cleaning is done in 10 mins. It has a Tasco red dot with a angled Magpul foregrip. Its my practice plinker =). plus it is great on the pocket 500rds for $20 you cant beat that. All in all its a great gun don’t have any issues.
    Sig 516:
    Shot only 500rds. still breaking it in but its been a beast. i put the Bushnell trophy 1x32mm red/green dot in support to the “IRON SIGHTS” that came with the gun. I guess Sig got everyone’s feedback about there red dot and fixed that issue. Kudos to Sig’s PR. i was about to get Troy’s front/rear flip up sights anyways if it did come with the red dot. Over all very impressed.

    FYI… if i didn’t get the 516 i was going to get the DDm4 V5. either way i chose would think i would of been happy either way i went. They both great “USER” reviews many months of research.

    i let the gun speak for itself!!!

  • Bill

    I just got My 516 patrolman for $1300 without sights looking now and hope to find some soon.

  • Jordan

    Picked mine up a few days ago for website MSRP. This is my first AR put about 120 rounds through it. Spikes and Daniel have good competition with the 516. For a Pistol dominant company Sig really listened to their consumers. Iron Sights are very solid but I’m looking to get an EOTech today. Super light and handles 5.56 really well unlike Bushy’s ACR. Love the gun and will be looking to add mods in the future.

  • Bhole7

    Got my Sig 518 for $885. B
    Rand new… What a steel!

  • David M.

    @Brennan. I was talking with owner of Adams Arms. Evidently it IS the same system…without AA’s permission. He was pissed and it sounded like some sort of legal action was taking place. Good luck to him. You know Sig has a HUGE legal team. I hate to see small companies get screwed over like this. he didnt say outright but it sounded like patent infringement. And that the 516 would “not be around much longer”. Good luck with that one. I don’t want to sound mean. But good luck. I am on small business’s side.

  • Mike

    I just bought one yesterday from Walmart for $917.00 plus tax. Cant beat that price! It came with a very nice soft case with lots of pockets! Love it! Cant wait to get to the range.

  • Nate

    Does anyone else notice the charging handle on this rifle seems to bounce back and forth as the rifle cycles. I would think a large company like sig would not have this issue. I own an Adams Arms sbr a ruger 556c sig 556 classic among others and I think the Adams and the ruger are probably the best ar based rifles for the price out there. Don’t get me wrong bravo company Laurue and other high end manufactures are good but I prefer piston ars and these that I have mentioned will fire anything you feed them and are priced in an affordable range for most people.