Sig Sauer P229 Recoil Buffer

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Eliminate the metal-to-metal impact of the slide as it hits the frame of your SIG SAUER P229 with Buffer Technologies’ new recoil buffer. Made with a new stainless steel guide rod with a high density, shock-absorbing polyurethane buffer, the recoil buffer provides less recoil and more muzzle control for prolonged longevity of your duty issue P229. Be equipped now from Buffer Technologies, PO Box 105047, Dept. GW/LE, Jefferson City, MO 65110; 877-628-3337;


  • Miguel Arredondo

    Nice to see an article introducing this recoil reducer for 229 , I wander where to buy it , since is not available in buffertech online store, nor in the main sellers with online service. buffertech does not have a contact option on its page , who has this product on internet ?

    best regards ,

    Miguel Arredondo