Surviving an Ambush

Constant vigilance is the key: on the home front, on patrol!

Ambush. Perhaps planned well ahead, perhaps the “hasty ambush” that occurs in a moment of panic when the malefactor realizes he is about to be unexpectedly arrested. In all its forms, ambush is a deadly threat to the good guys and gals, and even to their loved ones. Recent tragic headlines prove the point.

firstresp2.jpgCase One
In February 2007, some person or persons opened fire with a 9mm at the residence of a Jacksonville, Florida, police officer. Bullets shattered the front window of the home, but fortunately, neither the officer nor his loved ones were harmed. Half a dozen shell casings were recovered from a nearby yard. In the wake of highly publicized officer-involved shootings in that city, a group calling itself The New Black Panther Party had called on people to “fight police in the street.”

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