Ted Szabo 1947 – 2007

Ted Szabo, 60, leaves behind a legacy of innovation at Para-Ordnance.

Ted Szabo, the innovative president of Para-Ordnance, passed away on Wednesday March 28, 2007, at the age of 60. Szabo, a gifted engineer and designer, founded the company in 1985 with his friend, Thanos Polyzos.

swat3.jpgFrom its inception, the company displayed an innovative capacity that has characterized its products ever since. Their first offering, introduced in 1987, was an all-polymer, selective-fire paintball gun called the Model 85 “Dye Marking Tactical Machine Pistol.” In full-auto mode, this unique pistol fired at a rate of 1200 rounds per minute, and was designed as a close-quarters-combat training device for law enforcement and military personnel.

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