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RoboCop, General Hospital and Beverley Hills Cop actor fires away on life lessons and shooting!

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    RoboCop, General Hospital and Beverley Hills Cop actor Michael Gregory fires away on life lessons and shooting!
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A generation of soap opera fans know him as Dr. Rick Webber on General Hospital. The readers of this magazine may recognize him as the SWAT commander in RoboCop, the snooty hotel manager in Beverly Hills Cop and the rebel lieutenant in the original Total Recall. What most people don’t know is that Michael Gregory is the voiceover artist behind countless cartoon and commercial characters, from shows like Cowboy Bebop and video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Star Wars: The Old Republic. He’s also a veteran who is tireless in his work with the Stars and Stripes Foundation, The Army Advisory Board and Veterans for America.

MY FIRST FIREARM: A Walther PPK/S and a Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver (was all I could afford) and when I did security for Dean Martin, he gave me the Ithaca Riot Gun that I love as a basic self-defense weapon.

IF I COULD ONLY HAVE ONE SIDEARM, RIFLE, SHOTGUN: I have always been a fan of the S&W Model 66 .357 revolver—Jeff Cooper said I was flying with Wright Brothers technology. However, having shot with Taran Butler over the last couple of years, I would pick one each of his RTG (Ready to Go) custom Glocks, his TR-1 Ultimate AR, which kicks like a .22, and of course, my Ithaca shotgun.

ON GUN OWNERSHIP: Owning a gun gives me a sense of responsibility for my loved ones and myself. It also lets me know that as I get older I still have the ability to defend myself and innocents from the predators in our midst.

THE PARTS I PLAY: Well, I wish that I always had the choice of what roles to play. My voice and physicality has pretty much lent itself to law enforcement or military types as well as the “bad guy” roles. My background in security and my relationships with the LE and military communities have also helped draw me to those roles and have drawn the roles to me.