Better-Idea Grendel 6.5mm

Quite possibly the world’s best assault rifle cartridge!

Photo Courtesy of DoD

In 1892, the US Army adopted its first smokeless powder, small arms cartridge. Designated the .30 Army, the then-new round was fired in Krag-Jorgensen infantry rifles and cavalry carbines, as well as the multi-barrel, rapid-fire Gatling guns. Thus began the practice of having a single caliber for rifles and machine guns, a practice that continued for half a century.

swsp07-grendel-2.jpgWith the advent of the Second World War, the American military developed and fielded the .30 Carbine round, the world’s first purpose-designed, intermediate-power cartridge to enter service. Although the .30-caliber M1 carbine was originally intended to be a personal defense weapon, its minimal weight, compact size, and increased firepower caused the troops to use it as a de facto assault rifle.

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