Bravo Company USA Precision-18 MK2 5.56mm

Special Purpose Rifle that bridges the gap between the M4 carbine and the 7.62mm precision rifle!

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  • Action_phatch
    The precision-18 MK2 is really about as reliable, consistent and accurate as a 5.56mm AR gets
  • Charging handle again_phatch
    The BCMGUNFIGHTER charging handle remains highly popular among professionals. It is solid and easy to grasp.
  • Forend_phatch
    Midwest Industries’ SSG2 handguard allows the barrel to be free-floated. The SSG2’s smooth design enables the best possible accuracy in any position.
  • Front Rail_phatch
    Rails can be attached just where you need them, keeping the remainder of the handguard slim, smooth and perfectly suited to precision shooting.
  • front sight_phatch
    Troy Industries’ sights are top-quality backup sights —simple, rugged and dependable.
  • Muzzle break_phatch
    The BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod-0 compensator balances flash and recoil suppression. Quieter than most, it reduces muzzle rise and recoil as well.

Bravo Company USA has been providing quality AR-15 parts for years. Their BCMGUNFIGHTER charging handle adorns many of the finest AR rifles ever built. Several companies turn to Bravo Company when they want proven parts that are rugged, simple and designed with the operator in mind. It is easy to forget that they also build complete rifles. The same practical mindset underlying their parts manufacturing also goes into their upper assemblies and complete rifles.

Like most businesses, the weapons industry tends to go in cycles. Change is driven by demand, and today much of that demand is generated by competitive shooters. Right now, the strongest segment in the competitive market is 3-gun. It has been growing the last few years and continues to get stronger. Although 3-gun contestants use a wide variety of weaponry, when it comes to rifles, most opt for 18-inch precision models chambered in 5.56mm. Their popularity is well earned, and it’s rooted in the rifle’s venerable military and law enforcement heritage.

The Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) was designed to bridge the gap between the M4 carbine and the precision rifle chamber in 7.62x51mm, combining the range of the accuracy of the latter with the tactical dimensions of the former. The result, brought into service by the U.S. military, was the Mark 12 Mod 0 /1 Special Purpose Rifle. Essentially, SPR is an accurized AR using an 18-inch barrel with a twist rate optimized for heavier 5.56x45mm bullets. The new MK 262 cartridge (77-grain OTM) provides for better accuracy, longer range and a bit more energy on target. The SPR features a free-floated match-grade stainless barrels, as well as match chambers. It also carries a forend designed to facilitate optics as a primary sighting system and bipod usage. Nearly every U.S. special operations force employs SPRs in one form or another. So too do police SWAT teams. Sniper observer units often carry the SPR in conjunction with their bolt rifle. Some agencies even adopted SPRs as patrol rifles. It is an incredibly versatile platform, meeting the needs of many professionals and competitors alike.

Gun Details

Bravo Company USA’s Recce Precision-18 Mk2 is an exemplar of the accurized AR platform. It starts with Bravo’s machined lowers made from forged 7075-T6 aluminum. The ALG Defense ACT (Advanced Combat Trigger) provides a sharp, crisp and smooth trigger pull, while maintaining the traditional reliability of a stock unit. The mil-spec receiver extension uses a staked M4 lock nut. A mil-spec “H” buffer is used, along with a standard spring. The Mk2 also features an MOE-enhanced triggerguard and a BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod-1 pistol grip, whose reduced grip angle provides better ergonomics. A hinged plate allows for the storage of a battery and other small parts. For a stock, Bravo opted to use the company’s B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD. Along with a better cheekweld, the B5 stock provides ambidextrous QD sling swivels, standard sling slots and a large battery storage compartment.

The Precision-18 Mk2 utilizes a Midwest Industries SSG2 15-inch free-floating handguard. Its 1.5-inch outside diameter cuts down on weight and provides a smooth and slim purchase. The one-piece, T-marked, Mil-Std-1913 top rail provides plenty of space for scopes and night optics. The Mk2 also includes three 2.5-inch rails that can be mounted in several locations. One of the rails includes a QD sling slot, allowing versatile sling placement. The entire rail is dehorned for a comfortable hold and limited snagging.

The Precision-18 Mk2 comes equipped with a medium-weight contour 18-inch, 1-in-8-inch twist barrel forged from 410 stainless steel. It is button-rifled and hand-lapped, and has M4 feed ramp cuts. For maximal match-grade accuracy, the rifle features a Marine Corps SAM-R Match NATO chamber. The rifle’s low-profile gas block is covered by the extended rail. Capping the barrel is an A2 mounted suppressor-compatible BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod-1 compensator, which mitigates recoil, muzzle rise and flash. Rounding out the package is BCM’s mil-spec bolt group and BCMGUNFIGHTER charging handle.

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