Descendants of Spartan warriors—the 1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade!

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  • Greek Amphib Cdo-2 copy
    Greek raiders practice hit-and-run tactics while motorcycle-borne. The operator standing on the motorcycle is firing his Glock. His M4 appears to have an Aimpoint sight mounted.
  • Greek Amphib Cdo-3 copy
    A Greek raider practices engaging with his Glock 17 from a motorcycle driven by a comrade.
  • Greek Army Raiders-1 copy
    A Greek army raider takes aim with his M4 equipped with a M203 grenade launcher.
  • Greek Army Raiders-4 copy
    Raiders armed with M4 Carbines and blank- firing devices practice patrolling techniques and immediate-action drills.
  • Greek Army Raiders-6 copy
    Greek army raiders practicing building-clearing. Note the suppressor on the M4 at right.
  • Greek Army SF Glocks-7 copy
  • Greek Army SF-8 copy
    Greek army raiders practice leapfrogging tactics during building-clearing training. The operator at left with the Glock is the point man.
  • Greek Army-Raiders-9 copy
    Greek army raiders armed with M4 Carbines practice patrolling techniques.
  • Greek ETA-10 copy
  • Greek Mtn-5 copy
  • Greek SF Underwater-12 copy
  • Greek SF-11 copy
    A female member of the 1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade acquires a target with her M4 Carbine. She wears the Greek camouflage pattern designed to blend with the Greek landscape.
  • Greek SF-13 copy
    Greek amphibious raider divers come ashore after a training operation.

The Greek army raiders can trace their lineage to the World War II Sacred Band, a group of free Greek soldiers who served with the British Special Air Service (SAS) in the Aegean. Members of the Sacred Band became highly skilled at raids on airfields, ports and supply dumps. During the liberation of Greece, the Sacred Band was used to raid German facilities on the Greek islands and mainland. Once Greece was liberated and the Greek army was reconstituted, the Sacred Band served as the nucleus for future Greek special operations forces. The current Greek 1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade insignia harkens to the Sacred Band’s service with the SAS, retaining, in Greek, the SAS motto “Who Dares, Wins” on its shoulder sleeve insignia.

Shortly after the liberation of Greece, a civil war broke out between the Greek army and communist-backed forces. Special units were formed and trained to operate in Greece’s mountainous terrain while other units carried out counterinsurgency operations throughout the country. In 1949, these forces were consolidated into two raider squadrons: Gamma and Alpha. In 1975, the raider forces were reformed and placed under the Greek Special Forces Command. In 1996, the raider forces were incorporated along with Greek airborne forces into the current 1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade.

1st Raider Regiment:
Today, the Brigade is organized into the 1st Raider Regiment (comprised of the Beta Raider Squadron, Delta Raider Squadron, Epsilon Raider Squadron and 14th Signal Company); the 2nd Paratrooper Regiment (comprised of the 1st Paratrooper Squadron, 2nd Paratrooper Squadron and 18th Signal Company); the 13th Special Operations Command “Sacred Company” (comprised of the Alpha Amphibious Raider Squadron…

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