Precision Hits at 1,000 Yards

McMillan’s Precision-Rifle course — hitting targets at long range with a SBR!

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  • McMillan-Rifle-Course
    McMillan Precision-Rifle Course
  • Compact-Stubby-Rifle
    McMillan Precision-Rifle Course Compact "Stubby" Rifle
  • Lapua-Running-the-Bolt
    McMillan Precision-Rifle Course Lapua Running the Bolt
  • Loophole-Shooting
    McMillan Precision-Rifle CourseLoophole Shooting
  • McMillan-Rifles-Course
    McMillan Precision-Rifle Course Sign
  • Rifle-Muzzle-Blast
    McMillan Precision-Rifle Course Muzzle Blast
  • McMillan Rifle-Course
    McMillan Rifle Course
  • Rifle-Course-Shooting-Platform
    McMillan Precision-Rifle Course Shooting Platform
  • Rifle-Night-Vision
    McMillan Precision-Rifle Course Night Vision
  • Rifle-Course-Thermal-View
    McMillan Precision-Rifle Course Termal View

Toward the end of March each year McMillan offers a week-long precision-rifle training for those who own or want to try out a McMillan rifle. This year the first two days of training were free to McMillan rifle-owners and their guests. The rest simply paid tuition and were setup with a rifle and any needed gear. The final three days of training involved more advanced training in long-range and nighttime shooting—thanks to McMillan I was able to attend this latter part of training week.

Experienced Staff

Class is taught at ranges bordering the Cowtown Paintball field. There is some shooting into canyons at very long ranges. Staying just a few miles outside Peoria, Arizona, was incredibly convenient: my hotel was situated close to dozens of restaurants and shops while being only ten minutes from the ranges.

The training staff consisted of proven, experienced instructors. One, Rob Petterson, was a combat Marine who had multiple deployments abroad. He was both a Scout Sniper team leader and a Chief Scout. Assisting him was Staff Sergeant Jonathan Geib, a member of the Army National Guard Marksman Unit. Both an experienced competitor and Army Ranger, Jonathan brought a great deal of experience to the table. Both men were incredibly professional, easy to talk to and excellent instructors. Also assisting were McMillan employees and some S.T.A. Training group instructors. The entire staff was incredibly helpful and a joy to be around.

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