Red Dot Roundup

Get on target fastest, be a CQB sureshot!

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The popularity of red dot sights has exploded in recent years and for good reason. For close quarters engagements there is no faster sighting system. A red dot sight uses just a single dot as an aiming point that’s placed on the target. Not having to align the rear sight to the front sight simplifies target acquisition and dramatically reduces the time it takes to aim. Additionally, the aiming dot of a red dot sight does not need to be centered in the optic, which means a proper cheek weld is not needed. Regardless of where the aiming dot is within the site, it will impact on the target where the dot indicates.

reddot2.jpgThe red dot marketplace has a fairly large number of manufacturers offering a wide variety of sights, each with different features and capabilities. To help find the sight that’s right for you, we looked at five of the most popular sights to discover each one’s unique capabilities and attributes.


  • wilman noble

    the 7.62 sabre has a speed of m4 and got the power of m14 what a great combination. a weapon with speed and power.when can this weapon reach philippines coz i loved to own one of this,more power

  • wilman noble

    7.62 sabre is a great weapon it has a speed of m4 and a power of m14,what a good combination.when can this weapon reach philippines coz i loved to own one of this 7.62 sabre for re-creation