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Make Ready with Matt Jacques: FN SCAR Family of Weapons

New Panteao Productions DVD will help you run and gun better with your FN SCAR-H and SCAR-L!

Watch the SRM 1216 Gen 2 16-Round Shotgun in Action

Sleek new 12-gauge shotgun delivers 16 rounds downrange in a hurry!

Sneak Peek: SRM's High-Capacity Shotgun

The semi-auto SRM 1216 Gen 2 packs 16 rounds of 12-gauge firepower!

VOERE's Heavy Metal LBW-M2, X3 Snipers

The modular, multi-caliber LBW-M2 and X3 sniper rifles bring on the sub-0.5-MOA hits!

Battle Blades: SOG SEAL Pup Steel in Hollywood

Meet the combat-proven blade fielded by Navy SEALs and recently showcased in Lone Survivor!

Tactical Rides: Navigating with a Desert Dune Buggy

Customized off-roader sports the go-anywhere blend of fun and tactical function.

Tactical Lights and Lasers For LEO, Military

New spot-on lights and lasers that will help you get on target fast!

Giving 'Em Hell: The Gunny's VA Hospital Checkup

The Gunny fires back on our VA hospital problems and wait times!