USA’s Bravest Reinvent Their Warrior Spirit At Gunsite’s Wounded Veterans Class!

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The first thing you notice about Rogue Corps is that its members get around in non-standard ways. That’s because they are missing a limb or two or three. Prosthetic legs force one to use an unusual gait, and sometimes one hits the ground. Falling is part of life for a double amputee. Other guys use wheeled vehicles. Having fought for their country, these guys fight each and every day with their challenges.

The second thing you notice about Rogue Corps is that they don’t let it get to them. Jokes and wisecracks are traded freely. You sense the tremendous bond of combat veterans. Yeah, they’re handicapped, but it’s you who has to get over it. In our culture, wherein many of us avert our eyes, they force you to confront their courage.
The third thing you notice about Rogue Corps is that they can shoot. Rogue Corps is comprised of infantrymen, U.S. Marine Corps snipers, SEALs and EOD technicians. Each displays superior marksmanship, gun handling and mindset—the mindset of experienced warriors. Given this level of training, should tight groups surprise us?

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