Fast, Lethal And Decisive! Go On Deck With Special Warfare Crewmen And Their Elite Weaponry!

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    SWCC carry out a high-speed maneuver during live-fire training on board a SOC-Riverine boat loaded with firepower and ready to navigate narrow waterways.
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    Special Boat Teams support Navy SEALs during maritime ops with heavy firepower like the 50 M2HB machine gun
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    Special Boat Teams support Navy SEALs during maritime ops with heavy firepower like the 7.62mm Dillon Aero GAU-17 gatling gun
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    Some SWCC and SEALs are equipped with the HK416, which features a gas piston system that runs cooler and cleaner than the M4’s direct gas impingement system.
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  • P226-Navy-MK25-2
  • P226-Navy-MK25

Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) are the Navy’s elite force that employs and operates specially equipped combat boats in support of a variety of special operations missions. A few examples of SWCC missions are maritime interdiction, insertion and extraction of Navy SEAL Team elements and other special operations forces, direct-action missions and special reconnaissance.

SWCC are assigned to serve in the Navy’s three Special Boat Teams, who use a variety of specialized watercraft. These special operations boats are heavily armed and fitted with state-of-the-art communication, navigation and surveillance equipment. SWCC can conduct boat operations from forward land bases, from mobile ships at sea and on inshore rivers. They can even put certain boats into action after being airdropped by parachute. Individual SWCC sailors are equipped with a wide range of small arms and other specialized kit to successfully accomplish tactical missions.

SWCC candidates undergo mentally and physically demanding training before becoming one of the select few of the Navy’s Special Boat Teams. Typically, SWCC operators work in coastal and river areas. However, some missions may include service in non-maritime environments. For example, SWCC have supported land-based operations in places like Afghanistan. Sailors who want to become SWCC are screened for their ability to succeed within the challenging special operations community…

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