Highly Mobile, Trained And Equipped, NYC MTU Doctors Bring The Hospital Where It’s Needed Most—STAT!

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As a nation, we have witnessed national tragedy, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. The September 11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina and the bombings in Boston highlighted that we always need to be ready. During the September 11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina, emergency response systems quickly became overloaded due in large part to the lack of a preplanned and comprehensive mass-casualty response. In Boston, medical professionals were part of the plan, on scene and ready to handle the mass casualties.

Boston was a great lesson in medical planning and preparation that shouldn’t be ignored. Dr. Martin Levine was part of Boston’s volunteer medical team and said, “We had a mass-casualty plan that we briefed on and executed. That was critical to our response.”

The critically injured enter what’s called the “golden hour.” They have 60 minutes from being injured to get into the hands of a doctor who can treat and minimize the damage. As every minute ticks, life literally drains from the injured, placing them in increased jeopardy…