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“If Any Of You Maggots Got The Brains Or Nerve To Ask Me A Good Question, I’ll Answer It Right Here!”

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What’s cracking?
I’m just back from joining 900,000 other bikers and spectators in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride in Washington, D.C., over the Memorial Day weekend to honor our military personnel, departed and on duty. This ride started as a tribute to missing Vietnam POWs back in 1988. The thought was, “Send our boys home or send us out to get ’em!” The first ride had 2,500 bikers. This one was the largest showing ever. It was amazing. We filled up all the parking lots around the Pentagon. It was great hanging out with all these grassroots Americans. They’re my guys. They’re police officers, military, former military and civilians—they’re patriots! We mustered at the Pentagon, then rode to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Do you feel safer now that the President claims the GWOT is over?