2 plead guilty in Navy SEAL weapon smuggling case.

Two Las Vegas men pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiring with…

Two Las Vegas men pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiring with a Navy SEAL and another man to sell machine guns and other weapons smuggled into the U.S. from Iraq and Afghanistan, the top federal prosecutor in Nevada said.

Andrew Kaufman, 36, and Omar Aguirre, 35, appeared for the plea deal before Senior U.S. District Court Judge Lloyd George in Las Vegas, U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden said in a statement.

Aguirre wasn’t previously named after a monthslong undercover operation became public with the Nov. 3 arrests of
Kaufman in Las Vegas; active-duty Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Nicholas Bickle, 33, in San Diego; and Bickle’s friend Richard Paul, 34, in Durango, Colo.

Bickle and Paul pleaded not guilty Thursday in Las Vegas to amended conspiracy, weapons, explosives, firearms trafficking, weapon registration and dealing in firearms without a license charges, said Natalie Collins, spokeswoman for Bogden.

The judge allowed both men to remain free pending trial Jan. 24.

Source: The Associated Press via Fox News.

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