Alabama police train for active shoters with new trainging system

Video example of F.A.T.S. Cullman Police officer Chris Nichols was…

Video example of F.A.T.S.

Cullman Police officer Chris Nichols was able to talk down a school shooter holding a student at knife point, catch an armed robbery suspect in a high speed chase, and save his partner who was being held at gunpoint all in about fifteen minutes. Luckily, all those scenarios played out in a training environment.

With school shootings on the rise, and the potential for lethal situations always present, the Cullman City Police Department has requested use of a simulator that allows officers to practice firearm training with a range of dangerous scenarios.

The F.A.T.S. Program displays a scenario on a projection screen for officers to practice how they would react to and handle certain events, enabling them to be better equipped if the situation happened in real time. Cullman City Police Chief Kenny Culpepper said the program is eye-opening for both officers and others who are able to participate in order to see how decisions are made in detrimental situations.

Lauren Estes for The Cullman Times

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